Special Events


BankNewport City Center provides rental space for special events ranging from private group and corporate events to conferences to weddings and public events from concerts to festivals.

Events that have been held at The BankNewport City center:

  • PVDFest
  • Day of Portugal Heritage Festival
  • Urkupina Festival / RI Bolivian-American Festival
  • The Rotary Club Street Painting Festival
  • The RISD Artist Ball
  • Making Strides Against Breast Cancer


Please follow the steps below.

STEP 1 Fill out the event request form.

STEP 2 A staff member will contact you within 72 hours (Mon-Fri)

Booking a Birthday Party?
Book a Birthday
Booking a Group?
Group Reservation


Keep BankNewport City Center in mind for
media broadcasts, promotional events, &
photo shoots! We have flexible scheduling
opportunities throughout the year, during
all seasons.

The Bank Newport City Center has been a location for:

  • Cardi’s Furniture commercial shoot
  • The Rhode Show live broadcast
  • Coast 93.3 radio


Would you like to book the BankNewport City Center for your event?

Fill out the event request form and submit to rink@providenceri.gov


Do I need to fill out the Event Request Form?

If you are looking to book a Private Event, yes.
If you would like to book a Birthday or Group, no.

How do I know if my event date is available?
Please review the Rink Programming Calendar.
If there is programming or an event listed that date is NOT available for a special event.

What is included in the facility rental?
Answer coming soon.

What is the size of the rink surface?
Answer coming soon.

Do you have catering/beverage service available?
Trinity Beer Garden is located next door at Biltmore Park
We DO NOT offer catering, but can accommodate food vendors.

How do I include Trinity Beer Garden in my event?
Please contact Trinity Beer Garden directly via email.

Can I rent your Ice/Roller Skates?
Yes, however all participants must receive a waiver sticker.

When can I host a special event?
Any time outside our normal business hours or when there are no other programming or events occurring.

Do you have audio equipment for rent?
Answer coming soon.


Can I enclose the facility with fencing?

Are there restrooms available available?

What is included in the facility rental?
Answer coming soon.

What is the size of the rink surface?
Answer coming soon.

Is there trash/recycling disposal?
Answer coming soon.

Is there security present at the facility?
Answer coming soon.

Is there a facility map?
Answer coming soon.

Is there designated parking at the Rink?
Answer coming soon.

Can I put a tent on the Rink surface?

Is there power available?
Answer coming soon.

What types of events are considered special events?
Answer coming soon.

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