Did you know?

Several of Providence’s Skateparks are accessible via the Woonasquatucket River Bike Path!

  • Bob’s Skatepark & Manton Avenue Skatepark are accessible via the Manton
    Avenue branch parallel to Riverdale Street.
  • Woony Adventure Park is accessible at the intersection of Glenbridge Avenue
    and the Merino Park branch.

There are 8 skateparks across neighborhoods in the City of Providence, they are located
in the following neighborhoods:

  • Olneyville (3)
  • Smith Hill (1)
  • Mt Hope (1)
  • Silver Lake (1)
  • Upper S. Providence (1)
  • Downtown (1)

Park Information:

  • Bob’s Skatepark [Olneyville]
    • Manton Avenue’s original skatepark includes a stair set, metal ramps, and a variety of DIY skate features.
  • Manton Avenue Skatepark [Olneyville]
    • This recent install includes a 10ft quarter pipe, concrete mounds, and more!
  • Woony Adventure Park [Olneyville]
    • Pump track and Parkour field – Built by The Shop of Cumberland RI
  • Father Lennon [Smith Hill]
    • A collection of concrete clamshells in various sizes great for practicing carving and grinding.
  • Billy Taylor [Mt Hope]
    • A uniquely shaped skate pad with metal grinding features and a shallow concrete ramp.
  • Neutaconkanut [Silver Lake]
    • The largest and oldest skatepark in Providence, Neutaconkanut boasts a wide variety of concrete features including a pyramid, a 4 foot drop in, varied coping, a bench, a grind rail, a small pump track, a small bowl, and more.
  • Davey Lopes [Upper South Providence]
    • A smaller gated skate park adjacent to the Davey Lopes Rec Center, consists of several metal ramps and a grind rail. A great beginner’s spot.
  • Adrian Hall Way [Downtown]
    • Designed in partnership with city skaters.
    • Opened in 2018 – consists of concrete and brick features flanked by murals in the heart of downtown providence.

Upcoming Projects:
The City of Providence has invested over $2 Million in skateparks throughout the city at multiple Providence
skatepark locations. This is your opportunity to let us know how YOU would like to Skate Your City!

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