Disco Stars Rewards Program

Complete Monthly and Bonus Star Challenges to earn Disco Stars and redeem them for rewards and prizes throughout the Roller Skating Season! 

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Disco Stars Rewards Program


  1. How can I get a Monthly Rewards Card? 
    • Your monthly rewards card can be picked up at the Ticket Window at the Providence Rink during our normal business hours:
    • Monday-Wednesday from 4:00PM – 8:00PM
    • Thursday-Friday from 5:00PM – 10:00PM
  2. How many Disco Stars can I earn in total?
    • Earn up to 32 Stars per month (includes Bonus & Secret Star Challenges) 
    • Earn up to 160 Stars from June-October
  3. What is the difference between Monthly and Bonus Star Challenges?
    • Monthly Challenges: Earn 4 Stars per Monthly Challenge
      • 16 Total Stars per month
    • Bonus Challenges: Earn 1 Star per Bonus Challenge
      • 16 Total Stars per month
      • 8 Standard Bonus Stars
      • 8 Bring a NEW Friend Stars
  4. What are the prizes for completing challenges? 
    • Monthly Prizes:
      • 16 Stars = 1 Admission + Rental Comp Pass
      • 20 Stars = 1 Movie Night Comp Pass
      • 24 Stars = FREE Locker Rental for following month
      • 28 Stars = Exclusive Roller Disco Merchandise Items
    • End of Season Prizes: 
      •  80 Stars =  Roller Disco Merchandise Bundle
      • 120 Stars = 4 Ice Skating Admission + Rental & 2 Ice Bumper Car Comp Passes
      • 160 Stars = Free 2023-2023 Season Pass (Winter or Summer – Patron’s Choice)
  5. How are the Disco Stars tracked?
    • Patrons will be responsible for maintaining their Monthly Rewards Card. To receive Disco Stars visit the Season Pass Check-in table to confirm the completed challenge(s) and get your Star Sticker(s).
    • Challenges that require a patron to go to a location outside of BNCC or to take a photo MUST use #DISCOSTARSPVD & @BankNewportCC on social media to receive credit. In the event a patron does not use social media, a time stamped photo will be accepted.
  6. How do I turn in my Monthly Rewards Card for prizes?
    • Monthly Rewards Cards will be collected the first week of the following month for evaluation. BNCC staff will distribute Monthly Prizes to qualified participants at the Manager Window at the Ticket Office.
    • Prizes can be claimed during ANY Roller Disco event through October.
  7. What happens once my Monthly Rewards Card is turned in?
    • In order for us to keep track of the Stars each patron earns month-to-month BNCC staff will input the information from each card collected at the end of the month into a spreadsheet. This allows us to keep a track of the total Stars earned per patron and who qualifies end of season prizes.
    • Patrons will receive an email from Rink@ProvidenceRI.gov with their running total of stars earned by the first week of the following month (as long as you have submitted your rewards card).
  8. What happens at the end of the season?
    • Follow our Social Media pages and Stay tuned for end-of-season announcements!
  9. What do you mean by “bring a new friend?”
    • We’re encouraging you to bring a NEW friend to BankNewport City Center for Roller Disco. To be considered a “NEW” friend they must not be in our system or have previously attended Roller Disco. Roller Disco is on Thursday-Friday from 5PM-10PM and select Saturdays from 3PM-8PM June-Oct.
  10. I lost my Monthly Rewards Card, do I lose the Disco Stars I already earned?
    • Unfortunately, yes, since BNCC will not be keeping track of individual challenge rewards each patron is responsible for their own card and will be liable for keeping it safe month-to-month. However, once your monthly card is submitted we will maintain that record for the remainder of the season.

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